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Mon, Mar 16, 2009

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it is party timeAfter weeks of work the new site is almost ready. This was an unannounced change but it is one that will serve every member.

This new site has many great features, including:

  • An enhanced forum with Private Messaging abilities
  • The ability to facilitate better discussion of articles/videos
  • Enhanced collaboration with both resident and guest experts
  • Email communication regarding major news
  • etc (including a few special surprises)

As part of this process we are raising the co-op fee, however all existing members are grandfathered in at the current rate of $175/month.  But, I also want to compensate for the 3 days of downtime so I am giving all users 3 weeks for only $5.  This new system has integrated billing which helps me reduce costs by keeping my overhead low and my bookkeepers fees down.  So, I will be giving you access to subscribe once DNS has upgraded fully.  Which should be a few hours from now.

All details about what to do will be revealed in that upcoming post.  So, don’t try to sign in yet, you won’t be able to.  When DNS has updated fully I will give you instructions on what steps to take next.  At most it will take 3 minutes to complete.  Nothing hard.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the new site!”

  1. Baumeister Says:

    Let’s lock n load!

    ~ ~ JD

  2. MWilliamson Says:

    I have emailed you to find out what problem you are having. If you have followed the steps as indicated on the homepage article to create your account you should have no issue accessing the forum.

  3. MWilliamson Says:

    Just sent you an email. If you didn’t get it drop me a line and I will give you the link to register (should have shown up post paypal after a redirect).

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