Registration is Open-Follow These Steps

Mon, Mar 23, 2009

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To register for the new and improved site please follow these easy steps:

1.  Click Here to become a member.  This starts a new paypal subscription.  It gives you  access for the normal rate of $175/month.  New members in the future will be paying roughly $275 so you guys are all getting setup at a discounted rate.

2.  PayPal will auto-redirect you after payment to the registration page.  So, let it happen.


3.  Once you are at the Standard Registration page follow the instructions on the link to the right.  If you are an existing member you need to click the link to register as existing members.  You can not register as new members-because if you do your old forum posts will no longer be active for your username.  So, if that happens we will be forced to do this procedure again and cancel your registration.  If you are a new member just follow the New Member Registration.

4.  So once on the registration page for existing members you simply

registration2enter your existing username that was used for the old site and enter your password which is the same as your old username.  So in this example if your username was TechJeff your password would also be TechJeff. Notice that it is case sensitive.  If you used the “Forgot Your Password” link make sure to follow the steps here so you have a working password to use during this part of the registration process.

registration35.  Once registered click the “Members Profile” link to update your profile.

6.  Once there you simply need to update your profile to include

registration4your real first and last name and make sure that the site is using your username to identify you.  That way all your new and old forum posts will be correctly tied together.

P.S. Make sure to cancel your previous subscription within PayPal unfortunately there is no way for me to do that en masse.  Simply login to paypal-search for your most recent payment for WCBMembers for $175 and at the top that will have a reference number that when clicked will allow you to cancel so you aren’t charged in the future.

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